The Healthy Beat

Empowering People to Make Wise Nutritional Choices

The Healthy Beat aims to help educate vegetarians about wholesome nutritional choices that they can make to improve their lifestyle. Through The Healthy Beat, users can check their ideal weight, learn about food groups and suggested daily servings, and find their ideal calorie intake. In order to aid in tracking daily consumption choices, people can search the amount of calories, carbohydrates, protein, fats, and dietary fiber in a variety of foods; users can also virtually mirror their real life choices by adding different items onto a platter to calculate the total calories and composition of a meal. People can take The Healthy Beat with them to the exercise room and outdoors, as it contains information about the calories burnt by performing exercises for a specific duration of time. The Healthy Beat acts as a personal health advisor in order to ensure that people are never without the knowledge they need to make informed decisions.