About TheHealthyBeat

Avni Madhani - Founder

Avni Madhani, currently studying at Saratoga High School, founded TheHealthyBeat after three diabetes-related deaths in her family.

She observed how general unawareness about a healthy diet and lifestyle leads to such problems as obesity, diabetes, and heart disease. Upon noticing how minimally nutrition was covered in her biology and health classes, she realized that society does an extremely small amount to educate its citizens about decisions affecting their health, and the information available to those who seek it is often complicated and conflicting. Despite the importance that sound nutritional knowledge holds in our lives, a dearth of information and education about food nutritional values, calories consumed, and calories burnt stretches across all countries, races, and socioeconomic strata.

As medical knowledge and research about nutrition increase, the gap between the information available in the academia and the knowledge of the general population grows larger. TheHealthyBeat attempts to increase societal awareness on nutrition by offering a simple guide to nutritional education, thus empowering people to make well-informed decisions about diet and exercise.